Tequila born from a simple love of Margaritas

I have always loved a ‘Marg’. Over the years through my love of Margaritas I have become a lover of Tequila but have never found a brand that represented the category the way I saw it.  Every Tequila brand on the market is very serious, traditional & stoic in tone contrasting the light, uplifting essence of what Margarita moments were to me.

It got me thinking about the 2D world Tequila currently sits in, serious masculine spirits for men, juvenile sugary premix drinks for women. I decided to take action and make a Tequila based on what I wanted, fun and confident yet credible, made unapologetically with Margaritas in mind.

Founder – Lucy Smith

Neurita is here to inspire a new wave of tequila drinking through simplicity and flavour

Our range of Tequila spirits are infused with real fruit extracts and botanicals, designed to breathe vibrancy and fresh life to tequila and its famous cocktail. Neurita is here to showcase that you don’t need be stone faced to be a serious contender and that the traditional way isn’t always the best.

Neurita is a modern fresh take on an old classic

Breathing new life and a new-found confidence to Margaritas. Neurita is the new underpin in the modern-day Margarita.