High Quality Agave

Extra smooth Tequila made from high quality blue agave plants.

Crafted for Margaritas

Perfect margaritas with no need for triple sec or cointreau , less sugar and more delicious.

More Taste less Sugar

Our range of flavoured Tequila spirits use all natural fruit infusions.

Premium Blanco Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico.

Neurita's delicious range of Fruit Infused Tequilas are designed to be the perfect base for Margaritas and Tequila cocktails.

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Award-Winning Flavoured Tequila

Neurita your Margarita in 3 simple steps.

Neurita uses premium Mexican Tequila and naturally fruit infuses it. That means you don’t need triple sec to make Neurita Margaritas. Simply add Neurita Flavoured Tequila, lime juice and a dash of agave syrup for the perfect margarita every time.

Neurita Margaritas cuts out the need for sugary syrup which means delicious tasting margaritas with less sugar.

Learn more about our perfect Margarita recipes, including the 3 step classic Margarita, Margarita spritz, Spicy Margarita (Picante) and our Skinny Margarita.

Neurita is also perfect for other Tequila based cocktails such a Paloma's, Tequila Sunrise and more.

Cocktails Made with Neurita Tequila

Its Marg O'clock!

Neurita Premium Tequila makes Margarita making deliciously simple, making it the perfect sipping Tequila for Neurita’s favourite part of the week ‘Marg o'clock’.

Marg O’Clock is the 'drinkies' with friends, family or work colleagues that you look forward to all week as you know Margaritas are on the menu. It usually falls on a Friday night (but hey, Margs are great any time).

Neurita's Marg O’Clock helps celebrate that tools down, let’s get on the Marg’s and have a little fun moment. Whether it be the sound of the drinks trolley coming around the office, the first round of drinks with friends at a bar or even the first drink of the night with loved ones at home, you know its Marg O’Clock when there is a skip in your step and twinkle in your eye while you’re Neurita’ing your Margarita.

Neurita Tequila is the perfect base for Margaritas

Delicious Flavour

Hands down the best tequila I’ve had Neurita is such a smooth, fresh, versatile tequila. Its gentle hint of citrus makes it the perfect combination with a lemon and lime soda water. Delivery was also excellent!

- Michelle

Beyond Delicious

I didn’t know what to expect as there is nothing like this drink yet but it did not disappoint! This tequila for margaritas is DELICIOUS with a squeeze of lime ! So many more options to explore it with, a must try for sure!!

- Mabelle

Neurita my Margarita

Ordered the Neurita Citrus Tequila, seamless delivery in the most amazing packaging! This has exceeded all expectations and is my new go-to drink!! Requires minimal effort and yet tastes so delicious & refreshing!

- Aoife

Best Birthday Drink

I ordered a few bottles for my birthday party and they made the freshest and most delicious margaritas ! Couldn't recommend this tequila more highly - perfect for starting the party in style. Can't wait to try a Neurita Spritz next !

- Saoirse


Tastes delicious! Rosa is my favourite! I used to not make margaritas at home because there were too many parts to buy, but it’s my favourite cocktail and Neurita makes it super easy and tastes delicious!

- Andie


Neurita Gift Cards

The simply perfect gift for the Tequila lover in your life.

Neurita FAQs

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What does Neurita Tequila taste like?

Tequila overall has a smooth, sweet and fruity taste. Neurita tequila from Jalisco is sweet with mineral, fruit, and floral notes. This is the best Tequila for Margaritas and where Neurita has sourced our Tequila Blanco from.

What do you drink Neurita Tequila with?

Tequila can be drunk in a Margarita but Neurita Tequila is flavoured so is also delicious as a spritz mixed with citrus soda as well as other soda mixes.

What alcohol percentage is Neurita Tequila?

Tequila is a type of liquor. The alcohol concentration of tequila is typically about 38% ABV in the UK. Neurita's flavoured Tequila range is 35% ABV to be the perfect base for a Margarita without triple sec.

What type of Tequila bottle do you use?

The Neurita tequila bottle is made from glass, long and elegant. Our beautiful packaging make it the perfect tequila gift.