Neurita Tequila Blanco - Picante

Agave Infused with Scotch Bonnet Chilli, Green Chilli and Tangerine. The perfect Tequila for Spicy Margaritas.


4 reviews


Ruby Red


Chilli & Tangerine


Chilli Pepper heat with balanced Citrus notes


Warming, Intense Spice


Premium Agave Tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, infused with infused with natural red chilli pepper - scotch bonnet, green chili pepper and tangerine infusions. Perfect for Spicy Margaritas or Picantes.

Spicy chilli notes balance with sweet tangerine flavours . Neurita flavoured tequila is the perfect base for classic margarita cocktails and other tequila cocktails without the need to add sugary liqueurs.

For a delicious classic spicy margarita cocktail ( a picante), simply add lime juice and a dash of agave syrup ( or simple syrup), no need for triple sec or orange liqueur. Deliciously simple, lower sugar margaritas.

Included in order: 

  • 1 x Neurita Picante Tequila 
  • 1 x Neurita Gift Box
  • 1 x Recipe Card 

The perfect drink for a night out or in with friends, also as a Tequila gift set. 

Tequila Ingredients
  • Tequila Blanco from Jalisco Mexico
  • Natural Chilli - Red Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper, Green Chilli Pepper
  • Natural Fruit Extracts - Tangerine
  • Alcohol Content - 35% ABV
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Unfortunately I really disliked this, the flavour is incredibly strong and very synthetic-tasting. A shame because I was excited for spicy margs!

Very good

Nice and spicy!

Saoirse Toner
Sensational Spice

I'm usually more of a classic margarita girl but absolutely loved the kick off spice off this new picante flavour. Fab bottle and packaging and the perfect gift for any tequila lover. Already ordering another bottle !

Vic Thompson
Makes the best spicy margarita ever

I bought a bottle as a gift but decided to keep as a treat for myself when I saw it. The packaging is beautiful with a taste to match. The chilli spice is hot and delicious, with lime juice in a margarita. It's perfect, like bar quality. Will be buying again for Christmas presents. My new favourite!!!!!

Neurita Margarita and Tequila Cocktail Recipes to ispire

Premium Blanco Tequila made from Jalisco, Mexico.

High Quality Agave

Extra smooth Tequila made from high quality blue agave plants.

Crafted for Margaritas

Perfect margaritas with no need for triple sec, less sugar and more delicious.

More Taste less Sugar

Our range of Tequila spirits are all natural fruit infusions.