The perfect Tequila for flavoured margarita recipes, made from Tequila Blanco and natural fruit infusions. Winner ' Best Flavoured Tequila' at world Tequila Awards 2023.



Crystal Clear


Orange Zest, Citrus


Sweet Orange Notes


Smooth, Cooked Agave

Tequila Ingredients
  • Tequila Blanco from Jalisco Mexico
  • Natural Fruit Extracts - Sicilian Orange and Tangerine
  • Alcohol Content - 35% ABV
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Customer Reviews

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Award-Winning Flavoured Tequila

Neurita Tequila is the perfect base for Margaritas

My new go-to Cocktail

The Neurita Citrus Marg is my new go to cocktail! The sweet orange undertones strike the perfect balance - a classic marg with a citrus twist! Fresh and delicious. The bottle came with beautifully presented instructions on how to make Margs.

- H.B

Neurita my Margarita

Ordered the Neurita Citrus Tequila, seamless delivery in the most amazing packaging! This has exceeded all expectations and is my new go-to drink!! Requires minimal effort and yet tastes so delicious & refreshing! Perfect for all occasions.

- Aoife

Beyond Delicious!

I didn’t know what to expect as there is nothing like this drink yet but it did not disappoint! This tequila is DELICIOUS with a squeeze of lime or for margaritas! So many more options to explore it with, a must try for sure!!

- Mabelle

Neurita Margarita and Tequila Cocktail Recipes to ispire

Premium Blanco Tequila made from Jalisco, Mexico.

High Quality Agave

Extra smooth Tequila made from high quality blue agave plants.

Crafted for Margaritas

Perfect margaritas with no need for triple sec, less sugar and more delicious.

More Taste less Sugar

Our range of Tequila spirits are all natural fruit infusions.