Cinnamon Spiced Margarita

Our delicious skinny Spicy Margarita recipe brings a little more flavour to a spicy marg. Cinnamon is the perfect complement to chilli when its colder outside.

1: 50ml Neurita Citrus
2: 40ml Fresh Lime Juice
3: Dash of Agave Syrup
4: Pinch Chili flakes

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake away. For a festive extra this Marg O'clock, take Margarita glass, wipe lime juice around the rim and roll it in chilli salt and ground Cinnamon to rim of your glass. Use a festive Margarita garnish of your choice, we recommend a cinnamon stick.

Made with

Neurita Citrus

Premium Agave Tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, infused with Sicilian orange & Tangerine fruit extracts. Smooth citrus notes, and sweet orange flavours . Neurita flavoured Tequila is the perfect base for classic margarita cocktails and other Tequila cocktails without the need to add sugary liqueurs.

The perfect drink for a night out or in with friends, also as a Tequila gift set.

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