Margarita Spritz Pitcher - Makes 8

Neurita Tequila was crafted for Margaritas, in the process we experimented with an evolution on the classic Margarita. Our signature cocktail, the Margarita Spritz was born. The Neurita Margarita Spritz is a modern, fresh take on an old classic. Sip smart on our Neurita Margarita Spritz, as it has ONLY 64 CALORIES per serve when you use plain soda or a diet citrus soda in the recipe below. A delicious choice this summer


1: 500ml or a double shot of Neurita Flavoured Tequila
2: 500ml Citrus Soda
3: 50ml fresh lime juice
4: Ice


Place ice in a large jug and add other ingredients. Adjust amounts of each ingredient to you preference. Option to add still water to adjust strength. Stir and pour into a spritz glass with ice. For something a little special at Marg O'clock, you can garnish with fresh lime if you are using Tequila Citrus or berries if you are using Tequila Rosa.

Made with

Neurita Rosa

Premium Agave Tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, infused with Raspberry & Strawberry and Pomegranate fruit extracts. Neurita flavoured Tequila is the perfect base for sweeter frozen margarita cocktails as well as other Tequila cocktails.

The perfect drink for a night out or in with friends, also as a Tequila gift set.

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